Esther Beautification Process

Esther Beautification ProcessWant your crown? What steps do you have to take to get to the next level? Today we will take a look at Queen Esther's beautifying process and see how we can. Royal Parties and the Removal of Vashti (1:1–22) B. In it he gives a detailed description of the Persian Empire. 1:48 AM · Dec 21, 2022 2 Retweets 2 Likes Mark Saunders @Mark_Saun · Replying to @nbcsandiego. Myrrh was presented to Jesus at His birth as a royal gift from the wisemen acknowledging him as king. (Wikipedia) After Esther and her companions were brought to the palace, they began a twelve month long beautification process. Legend has it that before Esther could assume her chosen place as Persian King Xerxes' Queen, she was mandated to undergo a twelve month 'beautification' process, consisting of long-held and closely guarded secret royal treatments. It led to incredible favor, making her queen, allowing her to develop intimacy with the king, which then gave her favor when she interceded on behalf of the Jews.